Professional Makeup

Foundation and Creative Level (F&C Levels)

This course is designed for professional with a love and flair for makeup artistry, and for those who wish to make this a career choice. Make up is all about colour, technique and lights. We at Zorains Studio have ensured that we impart all the essential knowledge needed to you to embark on this new career option. The course material is a blend of international techniques adapted to cater to all markets including the local customer. Precision is what we aim for.

It consists of 2 integral levels of Foundation and Creative.

What will you learn in a Month?

Below is an overview of the course in detail

Professional Makeup (F&C LEVELS)
Foundation Training Creative Level
Back to Basic Technical Theory Let's get hand on
1. Skin care and Hygiene 1. Facial Anatomy 1. Foundation application variations
2. Art of effective make up removal 2. Colour Theory 2. Natural/ Nude Makeup
3. Brushes - types and uses 3. Working with different skin tones 3. Corrective techniques
4. Tool and Accessories 4. Texture anylysis 4. Make up for Black and White
5. Prepping your client/ model 5. Foundation application techniques 5. Glamour/ Beauty Makeup
6. Skin types 6. Camouflarge/ concealing techniques 6. Runway makeup
7. Product mixing techniques 7. Contouring 7. Fashion/ Editorial Makeup
8. International beauty standards 8. Eye shape analysis 8. Photograpy and Film make up
9. Liner designing 9. Bridal Make up
10. Lash enhancement 10. Mature Skin Make up
11. Brow symmetry 11. Period make up
12. Lip structure and enhancement 12. Male grooming
13. Working with Lights and Makeup 13. Bronze look
14. Make up through the ages 14. Creative false lash application
Business Angle
1. Communication with the client/ designer/ stylist
2. Adapting of the reference look
3. Working with face charts
4. Professional Photo shoot- 3 Looks to start a Work Portfolio
* Students are required to carry along a digital camera to capture reference and daily work.
* Tools and Products will be provided during class hours, students are encouraged to obtain list of product to practise at home. * The course includes a 3 look photo-shoot to help you build your portfolio.
* You shall receive a certificate of completion from Zorains Studio.
* On completion of the course you are entitled to one on site make up viewing with the instructor
Course Duration: 1 Month
Working Days: Monday - Friday
Timings: 10:00 - 2:00