Hair with Flair

One Day Seminars:

Look and learn Seminars conducted for groups based on 5-8 hairstyles. Topics are pre decided according to the attendees Requests. Topics offered are self grooming, bridal, fashion and advance styling. Multiple facilitators and styling techniques. Facilitators with vast knowledge and experience.

Course Duration: 1 Day (3-5 Hours).

Dates: Based on studio calender and facilitator.

Advance Styling Workshops:

These are workshops based on look and learn followed by practise. These are New advance international technique styling based on retro styling, C and Flower techniques. 8-10 hairstyles covered over 2 days. Course is divided into Advance level 1 and advance level 2.

Course duration: 2/4 or 6 days (Full Day Course)

Dates: Regular courses conducted dates will be announced as and when.

Professional Hair Designory:

This is a basic to advance course for students who would like to either enhance their current skills or start as a fresher. The course revisits the basics of Blow dry and techniques of curling using irons and tongs to ensure high quality prep of the hair in order to create elaborate hair do. The course covers a wide range of Bridal and fashion styling with techniques of working with natural hair as well as extensions. Specialised style of Backcombing and stuffing's are taught.

Course Duration: 7 days (Full Day Course).

Dates: Dates will be published on Facebook as well as the website.

Zorains Studio Hair Design
Agenda for 7 Days
Basic Preperation of hair for Styling
Blow Dry Essential for Hair Styling Blow Dry - Inturn / Out Turn. Avoiding Flyaways/ Adding Volume/ Styling in different Hair Styles
Iron Straightening/ Incurls/ Outcurls/ Styling in different Hair Styles
Tongs Incurls/ Out Curls/ Twisted Curls/ Multiple Hair Styles
Hot Rollers Inturn/ Outturn/ Ringlets and Volume - Bounce/ Multiple Hairstyles
Backcombing The art to achieve perfect backcombing for volume
Extensions Fixing and creating elaborate styles with extensions
Stuffing Art to make the right stuffing / placement of stuffing
Crown styling Multiple varities like Mohock/ Twists/ Brais/ Messy/ Finger Waves/ Water Fall/ Working with Scanty Hair etc
Braides French/ Twisted French/ Fishtail/ 4 Partition/ Double Waterfall/ Attaching false braids etc
Buns/ Put Ups French Roll/ Double French Roll/ Low Bun/ High Bun/ U Roll Top and Bottom/ Messy Buns/ Multiple Braid Bun/ Flower Bun etc
* The above is a brief view of the basic structure of the course.
* Please note the course includes very advance hair styles that are done through the course as and when the basic required for the same is practised.
* Contemorary/ traditional hair styles are all covered.
* Students can send in request for the kinds of hair styles that they would like to learn.
* Students will be given a list of products and gadgets required by them.