• Training

  • Do I have to bring along my own products?

    The studio is well equipped with products that the students have access to during the course of training. Most of the courses products will be provided. For some courses like Hair/Nails a detailed list will be provided in advance for the student to procure before coming to class. We do provide assistance in procuring material.

  • What do I need to bring with me?

    You are required to carry along material to write notes as well as a digital camera to be able to record your own work. Only photographs allowed.

  • Can I review the products I already have?

    Yes, on a prior permission a date will be granted to review any make up/hair/nail products that the student may already possess.

  • What Brands do you Teach?

    Our Primary Brands are MAC/ MAKE UP STUDIO /KRYOLAN. We are constantly evolving and always working on bringing an array of brands on board.

  • Do you provide accommodation?

    We provide assistance on accommodation options available in the vicinity. These are places commonly used by the previous students as well. However we do not take responsibility to do any booking on your behalf.

  • Do you provide placement?

    We do have our friendly relations with a multiple Leading Brands Like MAC Cosmetics and Sephora and hence we are able to put forward our candidates with ease. However clearing the interview process is the responsibility of the student.

  • Are your courses suitable for beginners?

    All our courses revisit the basic techniques before advancing the level. Therefore YES all our courses are suitable for beginners.

  • Do I need to bring along my model?

    The studio works with 3 modules where in work on self/ on academy provided models and self provided models are all included. In order to make sure that time is used optimally bringing your own models is highly recommended. Open days as well as for shoots models are to be brought in by the student.

  • Does the studio provide a make up kit?

    The studio provides you with material only within the premises of the academy. No products are allowed to be taken out of the academy. During the course a recommendation list is provided that the student can use to procure the ideal products from the varied brands.

  • How do I book my course?

    All our course can be booked online by filling in an enrolment form/ else you could feel free to visit us at our Studio in Kormangala. The seat is confirmed only after the remittance of the Advance of the course fee.

  • I am currently working as a free lance artist how do I manage my time during the course?

    the course timings are structured at convenient timings between 10:30 to 3:00. This is normally a lean time if you mainly focus on brides. For certain courses we also provide options of days like weekends. For more on timing kindly directly contact us, as provisions may vary case to case.

  • Services

  • What Brands do you use?

    We use MAC , Kryolan, Temptu, Love your Nails, Nails Forever and Glam we constantly review the market launches of other brands as well.

  • Do you come to the venue?

    Yes we do. In the radius of 8-10 Kms from our Studio( Kormangala)we do not charge any additional transportation charges. Over 10Km Additional transportation charges are applicable.

  • Do you travel out of Bangalore?

    Yes we do. We charge a nominal surcharge over our existing rates in addition to the travel and accomadation cost that would be borne by the client.

  • What do the charges include?

    The charges include hair styling, Makeup and a complimentary drape.

  • What could be any add on expenses?

    Hair extensions, elaborate hair accessories, Pre set Jadai, Fresh Flowers, and Transport to and fro to far off destinations, waiting between makeup change between functions would attract an additional cost.

  • Do you do Trials and do you charge for them?

    Yes We do charge for Trials. In the advent of confirmation of the booking the trail fee is adjusted to the final payment.

  • Do you provide make up for add ons and family?

    Yes we do provide make up for the family members as well. We are equipped with a large team that can cater to large numbers of additional members, both bride and groom side.

  • Do you do teach bride simple grooming for herself?

    Yes we conduct regular personal grooming course, brides can learn the art of enhancing their look with simple day and evening make up to glamourous make up for special occasions.

  • Do you do early morning and late night events?

    Yes we do early morning and late evening / night brides.

  • Do you carry your own lights?

    We travel with everything that we may need to ensure high quality service. We have our special makeup lights that we carry with us.

  • How much in advance do we need to book?

    Booking are subject to enquiry and booking thru advance payments therefore it depend on a day to day basis. Ideally we suggest and 6 months prior booking.

  • How do we make the payment?

    You could make payments either directly to our bank account thru online transfers else you could make payments directly at the studio.